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In this section you will find useful documents that will be updated as we release new products and services. 




How should I prepare for a tattoo?

Make sure you are well-rested, well-fed and of sound mind and body (i.e.: you aren’t hung-over or still drunk from last night!).

What should I bring with me?

It is important to make sure to bring a valid piece of photo identification, which includes a date of birth (i.e: Medicare card, driver’s license, passport, or other types of identification that include a photo and birth date). Without proper identification, you will be unable to fill out our mandatory release form and we will not be able to tattoo you.
You may also want to bring water, juices or snacks to keep you going during a longer session.


Do I need to be over 18 years old?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to get tattooed.


If I am under 18 years old, can someone “sign” for me?

If you are at least 16 years old (no younger), you will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with appropriate ID when the appointment is taken. It is at the discretion of the artist to agree to tattoo someone that is 16 years old, and the content and placement of the tattoo may be a deciding factor. If the artist agrees, your parent or guardian must ideally bring a birth certificate, however we will also accept a government issued ID for the parent, as well as an additional one for the customer. If the signee is a legal guardian, legal documentation of proof of guardianship is necessary. Once the appointment has been taken and the appropriate paperwork is filled out, the parent or guardian need not be present at the time of the appointment.

We will not accept signed notes or phone calls, nor older sisters, aunts, friends, cousins, etc.


How do I care for my tattoo?

This will be explained in detail once you acquire your tattoo; we will even give you a printed copy of the recommended aftercare. On that note, please do not take the advice from your friends or from the internet, we provide aftercare because we can guarantee that it works.

Do I need to book an appointment?

While an appointment is necessary, you may be able to walk in for a tattoo, however if that is your intention, we suggest you call the shop beforehand to see if there are any openings; although it remains on a first-come-first-serve basis, at least you will know that there is a possibility to get tattooed.

Appointments must otherwise be taken in person at the store and deposits are necessary. The amount of deposit is at least $100
 and may be more depending on the amount of time we are booking. The deposit amount will be deducted from the final total of the tattoo.

Why do I have to leave a deposit? Is it refundable if I change my mind?

Deposits are taken to ensure your punctual presence on the day of your appointment. If you change your mind, fail to show up, or re-schedule your appointment with less than 48 hour notice, your deposit is lost unless otherwise discussed with the artist.

Under no circumstances are deposits refundable, but they may be transferable if you need to re-schedule your appointment. We strongly recommend reporting any scheduling issues to us at least 48 hours before your appointment in order to give us the opportunity to make up for the loss.


Can you draw something custom for me?


Will I see my drawing beforehand?

You will always see your drawing before we tattoo you; in fact, we will put a stencil on your body before we begin tattooing that way you can determine the best possible size and placement.

For smaller/simpler tattoos, you will see your drawing the day of the tattoo, and the artist may actually draw it at the time of your appointment. For bigger pieces, the artist will call you in to see it in order to determine if there are any final changes to be made before booking the appointment


What should I expect to pay?

Our rates range from 150$ - 170$ per hour .

Are touch-ups free?

Once the tattoo is healed, usually after one month, you can come in and show the artist the tattoo in order to determine if there are necessary touch-ups. At this point, the touch-ups are at no cost to you. However, if we determine that touch-ups are necessary as a result of neglect or lack of care, OR that you come back after the recommended period of time, touch-ups will be at your own expense, unless otherwise discussed with the artist. This, of course, refers to tattoos done by our artists. If you would like to touch-up an older tattoo, then charges obviously apply.


Can you numb the area/Can I apply a numbing agent before my appointment?

No we do not administer any form of anaesthetic. While topical anaesthetics are available at the pharmacy, we do not recommend them as they can alter the chemical make-up of the skin, and can compromise the quality of the tattoo.


Do you do white ink or UV ink tattoos?

We do not do either. While we do use lighter pigments (including white) this is to add ACCENTS to tattoos - we will not do a tattoo entirely in white ink. We have a strict policy to be able to guarantee the quality and safety of our work and white ink, nor UV ink meet those standards.

White ink: More often than not, these tattoos do not age well. Once the layer of dead skin cells regenerates over the tattooed area; the white that was once vibrant ends up looking like a dull, cigarette-stained yellow, or will just eventually fade away completely. While we love making money, we’d rather deliver an honest product that will be beautiful forever.

UV ink: UV ink is made by the artist and is not sold by a reputable ink company that deals in FDA approved inks. Because we cannot purchase UV ink from a company that cannot guarantee its safety, we choose not to put our customers at risk. Most of the time, the “glow” effect is not permanent anyway. Think of it this way: would you swallow, let alone inject, the contents of a glow-stick?


Do you offer semi-permanent, henna or airbrush tattoos?

We do not offer semi-permanent tattoos, henna or airbrushing; only the real thing.
A word of advice: some places have advertised using weaker pigments, such as “vegetable ink” so that tattoos will only last “3 months” or so. This can often be seen in high-tourist areas. Be forewarned, this is a scam and the tattoo more than likely will be permanent.


Can I get tattooed while pregnant or breast-feeding?

We cannot tattoo pregnant women, nor can we tattoo nursing mothers who have given birth less than 6 months prior to their appointment.

Will you fix my old tattoo?

We might be able to re-work or cover your old tattoo. Book a consultation with one of our artists to learn of all your options!

Do you do tattoos in languages other than French or English?

Of course we can tattoo any language but the translation, spelling and grammar remain the responsibility of the customer.


Can I bring friends/family to my appointment?

While we welcome friends at the shop, please keep in mind that there can be only one person in the tattoo booth with you at any time.

In regards to children, we strongly discourage bringing your young children with you at the time of your appointment. Children are at no times allowed in the tattoo or piercing booths. Please remember that by nature tattoo and piercing shops can be potentially dangerous to anyone, especially young children who may not understand to not touch certain things, such as the bio-hazardous sharps-disposal containers for example. There are also a number of glass displays containing very fragile merchandise and jewellery. There is a great possibility that young children may damage these materials and potentially harm themselves. It is not the responsibility of the shop and staff to monitor your children while you are being tattoo

Bear in mind that the work we do involves the body and pain, and immense levels of concentration are required on the part of the artist as well as the customer. Having loud, crying or yelling babies and toddlers is very distracting and quite frankly disrespectful towards those working and those being worked on.

Also, it depends on the artist. Some will let you have someone with you, some find it distracting. Always ask first!


Do you offer tattoo removal?

We do not offer any form of laser removal. Although it has been taken in to consideration, a high-quality laser costs over $60,000 and the technology in this field is changing so fast that an investment of that amount would be rendered obsolete too quickly. There are less expensive lasers on the market that may lighten your tattoo and not necessarily remove all colors, like those you might find at other tattoo shops; those only cost a few thousand dollars, but they are not of the same quality and we chose to only offer the absolute best in our store. For this reason, we suggest visiting a dermatologist. Otherwise, we can gladly try and cover the piece with something that will breathe new life in to your skin.

We also suggest simply giving thought to your tattoos. The illusion that lasers can negate the permanence of a tattoo is a misconception and one should not get a tattoo if they are resting on the idea that they can just have it removed. Removal is extremely costly and significantly more painful.


Do you offer permanent make-up?

We do not offer permanent make-up at this time. Another word of advice: cosmetic tattooing is only semi-permanent.

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